Proof Suckah Im Not a Noob


Introduction: Proof Suckah Im Not a Noob

heres your proff areonous



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    Heres my proff? That kind of fails anyway. Besides, I made KGBs P90 from the pics. And just because you made a gun from pictures, does not make you not a noob. Make something of your own, the biggest baddest thing you can make, and I'll make my own, then we'll see who is the 'n00b'.

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    Yeah I have. I've made a huge crossbow with a sliding trigger which blocks behind the handle and an iregularly angled stock, I made a slide action pistol which shoots white rods and a trigger which blocks as far back as possible, I made an Uzi (not a Micro Uzi), a CS-10, a Skorpion, an compact ASTR with a removable mag, and 3 pin guides, a BOLT ACTION famas/bullpup rifle with new bullet flip locking mechanism (different to other bolt actions) which has a removable blue rod magazine with a mag release, and a pin guide and a non sear trigger, which blocks really far back behind the handle, I made a rotating minigun (using a motor) with only one barrel connection and no sag, a double barreled RBG minigun which shoots 20 rubber bands per second, the smallest single barreled shotgun pistol in the world, a mag fed single ram shotgun pistol which works similarly to Seleziona's AA-12, and you say I haven't made anything?! Numerous pump action shotguns, all with pin guides and true triggers, which are actually shotguns, numerous swords and blades with sheaths, a heck of a lot of small mag fed true trigger pistols, a folding breach loaded rifle with a true trigger which blocks really far back behind the handle AND a folding handle with a range of 50ft, I have built the NAR 4 times, and made a tonne of mods for it. All of these are my design and all made by me except for the NAR.

    Just read the little argument on my slideshow... Nice effort at it... The mag was changed so thats probably why yours didn't fire... thank you for directing people to me also. And I don't consider you a noob.... Anyway the instructable is up... so everyone can go build their own copy of a UKP!


    Guys seriously, Everyone started out as a noob. The first gun I made was single shot, broke like every shot, only went like 10 feet and bent almost 30 degrees when loaded. Give this guy a break. He'll get better.

    You can only learn through experience.

    I don't know about building but you're definitely a noob at picture taking. And FYI, generally you can tell who is a noob by seeing if they overreact to being called a noob. The gun isn't yours completely and thus it doesn't really prove much until your build something entirely of your own.

    I'm not exactly sure, but that looks a lot like the UKP by Osi, just with a different shell around the handle. It also looks like the same mag, trigger guard, trigger, random green part on the end of the barrel, and barrel.