Prop Taser for Under $10

update, i broke the entire case for this so i will update with the new project box enclosure

in the future i may make a how to on this but its already finished so it will be hard to make before and after pictures.\

WARNING DO NOT BRING THIS IN PUBLIC OR USE IT AS A WEAPON THIS IS ONLY MEANT AS A PROP FOR VIDEOS, HAUNTED HOUSES OR A GAG FOR A COSTUME PARTY.  also do not use this near any kind of gas or flammable substance because this will cause it to ignite... i found that out the hard way with some electronic cleaner

This prop taser is a prop but its not toy because it still puts out about 2300 volts, just enough to make a spark but not enough to injure some one. it is made from an old broken hand held tennis racket style bug zapper they sell at junk/ bargain stores. I cut the top part of it off then put two peaces of metal to make a spark gap for the spark to jump across, in the future i may make that adjustable.  The handle and electronics are stock , but i set the spark gap into the handle about an inch and covered the end with a screen mesh/ grill  so no one can ever get shocked even it pressed into their skin.



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