Propaine Air Tool Attachment




This intructable will show you how to make a adapter for air tools.
It will basically make youi able to run certain air tools (I only got small nail guns to work)on propane with no combustion.
(The only air tool i suggeste is a small nail gun because the propaine only come's out the top of the gun and can not ignite)

Im not responsible for any injurys.
This is just an ideas.'''

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:
-two bernzomatic torch
-flux paste
-one female air adapter
-one male air adapter
-propane tank(for torch)
-9/32 drill bit

Step 2: Making It! will need to take one of the torch's and take off the tip

2.wen the nose is token off drill a pilot hole in the center or the torch's pipe.

3.then take your drill with the 9/32 drill bit (you should check your male adapter tip (not the treaded side)it will the diameter of your bit) an make the hole in the torch were your pilot hole is.

4.take the male air adapter and see if it fit in the hole you made in the torch, if it does fit, clean it the put flux paste then solder it with the other torch.

5.put Teflon tape on the treads of the male adapter.

6.take the female adapter then bolt it on the male adapter.

Voila! your very own propane air adapter.

Step 3: Using It!

1.take you air adapter then plug it into the tool you want (i only got the small nail gun to work)

2.screw on the propane tank to the adapter the open the valve to the max.(If propane is leaking turn off the valve immediately.)

3.Then try your tool.

Im not responsible for any injury's or death.
Do not use near open flamme.
Play safe.



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    4 years ago

    Releasing r134a or any refrigerant into the atmosphere is extremely illegal and in punishable by jail and huge fines. Regardless this is a dumb idea just get a conpressor and don't waste propane. You will explode something of a spark was made from a nail hitting metal or many other situations


    5 years ago on Introduction

    The idea of using a compressed gas sounds great rather than having to drag around a hose but have you considered using something like a can of R134a instead of propane?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    How about just emptying out all the propane and pressurizing it with air?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I really like this idea - not so much using the gas, but! the idea. Substitute the gas for a different power source and it is a really handy idea. What you have done is like taking the old plug in electric tools and made them battery.
    I bet with a bit of thought and the mod of say, a oxygen bottle from a small MIG welder this could work great.
    Tool goes at the top - charging port at the bottom and what you have is an air tool that is portable (maybe not for hundreds of uses - but depending on the tool, well pretty handy).

    Please keep thinking and posting stuff - we need folks who try out ideas, even if they are not right on target first time - but if others can take the basic construction and tweak it then who knows what might emerge.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    what if you used a paintball co2 tank would that work and not explode?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    BOOM! Sorry.. That's all I can think after reading this.


    8 years ago on Step 3

    Even the at best of times my nailer sometimes doubles up on firing. And when i let the greenhorn use it i have heard a four shot. Mind you a small shot would probly only produce a small but semi scary flame. Hopefully the triggers is depressed faster then the flame reaching the canister. I wouldnt think this is safe. It is far simpler to use a small air tank for say a paintball gun that come with accessories. Like a belt and coiled stretchable hose.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'd also like to mention that some nail guns use a steel wire belt to connect the nails. Thay tend to spark inches away from the exhaust. Not the best idea in my mind. But a re-filable CO2 canister would work nicely (they have bean used in industry) but need a regulator.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    After looking over some of the comments posted on this idea, and as a propane supplier and service tech for 25 years let me add some information.
    First, will propane explode? YES,YES,YES!!!! If you don't believe me ask the residents of Richland, IA, Seven Dead, several injured and burned. 18 million dollar lawsuit! 30 minutes after the EXPLOSION, nothing left but a foundation.

    Explosions happen when you confine a combustable product with the right mixture of air in a confined space. What will produce only flame in open air, will destroy if confined.

    Will this idea work? most certainly, and probably very well! It just has this little problem called flammability. 

    While the person who presented this idea is probably very knowlegeable and would use it responsibly most of the time. There is no guarantee that every one reading the article and using the idea will act in the same manner. Every industry has it's rules and operating procedures, and even though we sit there and say, "Great, another rule!" we all know that  for every rule written there was someone out there that screwed up.

    Is it LEGAL to use propane in this manner? NO, check with your state fire marshal!
    Can you get sued if something happens as a result of using this idea? Bet your boots you can. As well as the company that supplied the propane, the company that transported the propane to the retail facility, the wholesaler, the pipeline, AND the manufacturer of the nail gun! Of course, you won't care much cause you're toast, literally! Might bother your family some though. Their the ones who are going to spend the next three years in court!

    If I seem passionate about this, I am. Remember Richland? My company paid 10 Million of those dollars because a DIY'r thought he was smarter than he was and stepped over the line and we didn't understand that we could be sued for something we didn't even know was happening. we do things differently today.

    As a propane supplier, I consider this to be a very BAD idea! 


    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm use an airgun and you could make a serious flamethrower with this !


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure this is safe or sensible for everyday use, but there could be emergency situations where it was worth the risk. Like a 4x4 expedition where filling a flat tire with propane is better than walking out and being eaten by lions.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Why not scratch the propane idea and go with CO2 cartridge buddy cheaper and safer. Not a new idea but better.

    2 replies

    CO2 cartridges are under very high pressure so it would require a special regulator. Even then, it would only last a few nails because they store the CO2 as a gas. Anyway, this isn't unheard of. Those portable horns they sell for boating and sporting events use isobutane, the same thing as cigarette lighters. You can even light the gas as it comes out of the horn.


    also they make special combustion nailers to. they run off a mixture of butane I think. Never used one just seen them in stores.

    The reason why nail guns work is because they store the pressure in the handle. You have to drill out the orifice in the torch in order to get more flow.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i dont think theres a single comment on here thats not about propane exploding or burning.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Of you people badmouthing this idea, have any of you every USED a propane torch? ? Obviously, it has a CONTINUOUS flow of propane which is PURPOSELY IGNITED! It DOES NOT explode... it just burns... The only danger I can see in using this with a nailgun is if it is used in an unventilated area where the released propane builds up and then ignites.. That said, I would love to see a pneumatic conversion from a paintball CO2 tank!