Prototyping Case for Arduino £1

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

so i got an aruduiono (trying to spell it correctly is getting on my nerves ) the first thing i knoticed was that there are bare metal contacts on the back of it. and im sure im not the only one to have a desk with metallic items on it.

i did not want to buy a official plastic box for whatever they cost now, as im only playing to learn what i can do with the thing,and have no clear goal what sort of thing i may end up with or the case requirments i may have at that time.
so i put this case together , its plastic , allows lots of access to the bits. is completly removable , and doesnt glue scrape ware ect bla bla the board.

*EDIT and if you dont know what a ardino case looks like theres a third photo, they come in a multitude of colours with prices between 7 and 30£ and are avalable from many places online catalogues and the high street., some posh are machined out of alUminium and can have lcd displays built in others provide a space for a battery and have an access hole smaller than a battery?. thens theres a load of really carefully made ones out there which individuals have painstakinly etched into existance. as paragraph 2 suggests i might go for something less ghetto when i can do more than light up a led,as for now i dont want to short out the board or tidy my desk.

Step 1: Ingredients

so i had the sticky back standoffs in a draw,
and the plastic bit is a poundland iphone case.

Step 2: Standardized Holes

poke standoff in holes, note the direction of the pokie out tab, (u push it to remove) i made mine stick toward the outer edge of the board.

Step 3: One in Each Corner

peel the paper off the sticky and stick it on the case.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    ejected from the i could make that contest. no worries :-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    damn, i should have thought of mentioning this earlier, my friends arduino workshop, its the last few days for booking places.
    it will be much better than my arduino efforts i promise!