Psp Diy Charger

look my psp with broken ac adapter is charging without pc or ps3

Step 1: Fdownload and Install 6.60 Pro B Update

click the fast recovery

Step 2: Recovery

click the select button , you see pro vhs menu now,select recovery menu

Step 3: Recovery

select the configuration and enable charge battery when usb cable is plugged in

Step 4: Making the Charge Cable

now my psp is charging without usb mod

Step 5: Charger

take a travel charger with usb output

Step 6: Charger

take a mini usb cable an plug in to the travel charger

Step 7: Finish

now your psp charges without ac adapter or pc or ps3 NOTE:sorry for my bad english

Step 8:



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    2 years ago

    Very nice