Pt 5 Make Your Own Free Furniture With Simple Tools - Tim Sway Perspectives

About: i am an artist and musician. i make things of use out of things that no longer have use. i think the hip term is "upcycling." i post a lot of inspirational and entertainment videos on oc...

this is part 5 in my six-part series designed to show how to get your own free, reclaimed wood, get all the tools you need to for cheap and start building stuff with it.

in episode 5 i make a useful, little bench/table/stool that is very simple to do and really only requires a handsaw, hammer and nails to make. a  tool list and cut list appear at the end of the video.

please watch the other 4 parts here on instructables. pt 6 will show how to make matching chairs.
 thanks for watching!

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3 years ago

I love this and would like to make it. But, I'm sorry, I'm a novice here, is there a way to see it step by stop, in addition to this video? Thanks...


5 years ago on Introduction

Regardless of the environmental impact of using hand tools and reclaimed wood, There are those of us who for various reasons dont have power tools and its great to see someone doing it with what we would call Appalachian ingenuity around here. It is too easy to grab a power tool sometimes and what would we do if say for instance the zombie apocalypse happened and we needed patio furniture??? Its great-please do many more. :)

1 reply

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks man! I'm having a BBQ and the zombies are here. What to do? Lol. So many of the how to vids (mine included) feature fancy and expensive tools. I always aim to inspire people to try things, and wanted to show you can create without the fancy stuff. I will do some more. Cheers!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks, but it can get better! don't forget it's also reclaimed/free and zero emissions/no electricity :) lol.

Be good,


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

ha! high on life. i actually have to slow down all my footage in imovie so mere mortals can see what i'm doing ;-)