Pub Table

About: father of two beautiful daughters (one is 15 and the other is 3) and a husband of a beautiful wife. I do woodworking every day now. its become more than just a hobby in the past year. now i build custom furn...

this was my very first woodworking project it consists of a full sheet of oak plywood for the top another half a sheet of oak plywood for the stretchers and slats and aprons the legs are made of for 1 inch by 4 inch pieces of oak hardwood laminated together looking back at it now it's a pretty simple build but at the time it took me 2 weeks to build now I could probably build this in 3 hours or less - the dry time of course I also stained it witth min wax cherry stain and finished it with semi gloss varnish

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    3 years ago

    This is a great looking table!

    Do you have any in-process photos of the build, or even a video? It would be great to see the details of how this came together :)