Purple Flowers From Toilet Paper Rolls




hi all :)
today i will show you how to make a beautiful decoration piece for your home from very common objects and it is also so easy to make
i will use the cardboard rolls of the toilet papers to make decorating flowers
hope you like it :)

Step 1: To Make This You Will Need the Following:

1-  toilet paper cardboard rolls



4-paint colors

5- painting brush

6-wax gun or you can use any adhesive

Step 2:

to make the leaves of the flower cut the cardboard roll to pieces so that its thickness would be about 2 cm

Step 3:

paint the leaves with the purple paint and then paste all the leaves together to form a flower

Step 4:

make some flowers with different colors in the same way then paste all the flowers together
and finally paint them all with a layer of varnish to make them stronger and shiny, wait till they are completely dry then hang them on the wall 

p.s : you should choose a paint color which is lighter than the color you really want because when you put the varnish layer the color will turns to be darker

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