Putting Aps on a USB for School





Introduction: Putting Aps on a USB for School

throw folders on a usb copy program to c: drive via 2xexplorar and run a program from it

Step 1: Find the Folder

install the app on your computer

go to installation folder ( default: c:\program files\ *)

copy the folder to a usb

then go to "http://www.netez.com/2xExplorer"

download 2xExplorer

throw it on a USB (it will even fit on a floppy disk if needed)

go to school

Step 2: Copying

go to school and open explorer

then go to C:\accessories\ * (this is where you game folder goes)

Step 3: In Business

you can now open your games by clicking on the .EXE file



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    I have a way to put apps on a usb and run them, go to adicting games with frefox then click, save page as. find the .swf file stick it on a usb and, away u go

    dude. that was a waste of time. why dont you just open your flash drive folder and copy/paste the shortcut into it. then just go in your computers program files and find the one for the program you are moving. then do the same. once you have them on the drive move them to the other computer by copy/pasting the shortcut to the desktop and and copy/pasting them into the program files. easy as cake i say. (+[_]%) P5P

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