Pvc Bike Trailer





Introduction: Pvc Bike Trailer

cheap pvc bike trailer for pool and shopping

-old tires (theese from lawn mower)
-plastic tub of som sort
-pvc-any size and 3 Ts,3 caps,3 45degre bends, and 1 elbow
-1 steal rod (10 feet or more)
-bolt/cotter pins

Step 1: Frame

asemble the frame like in the pic and use epoxy/tape/glue to hold it together. in the pic it isnt visible but put a 45 bend on long peice with cap at end to attach it to bike. us the steel rod for the axle and left over should be used to stiffen the hitch. use cotter pins or bolts to hold tires from sliding off

Step 2: Tub Attachment

skrew the tub on the frame, add some epoxy to help hold it on

Step 3: Clip/hitch

the hitch just skrews to the cap at the end of the pipe
i use a carribeaner and have an old clip from a bag as a saftey chain

Step 4: Towing

hook it up and ride it to test/show off your work

in this pic. i bunjeed a body board to it for going to the pool



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    17 Discussions

    I do not think the axle will be very strong, but I do much like the idea of a very pared down frame, with an Action Packer mounted on it. That should make it much easier to construct a cargo trailer.

    one i get me some wheels, I might just do this.

    this is a really good idea i think im going to use it thanks:)

    In step 1 you say, asemble the frame like in the pic and use epoxy/tape/glue to hold it together." Why not use proper PVC cement? And why did you not come back into the hitch with a 45 rather than the complicated 45-90-T?

    2 replies

    i was just thinking about PVC cement! I go to shop a lot and like to get myself some food (my larder is a bit empty now) and I have been waiting for something like this to roll along.

    1. pvc cement is would work for the frame, but you nead epoxy/skrews to hold the box on. also the weird front configuration adds more support for adding stuff like his razor scooter,boogieboard,extra storage box, etc. also i built this all out of stuff i already had and i had used all my pvc cement on another project and was out

    hmm if this had a stronger hitch then i'd make one to transport my dead bodies around ... Uhh i mean Shopping YEs shopping

    the axle and hitch have metal rods so I would say 50 to 75 pounds? the only problem would be the more weight the more you have to pull up hills. and I would recommend a different hitch design for items exceeding 50 pounds.

    where did you get that right angle gear box iv been looking and all iv found is offset ones

    how long is the cuts for the tubing, how are the wheels attached lets see how it clips to your bike...

    1 reply

    tubing size depends on size of tub, just follow this basic shape and wheels slide on the steal rod and are held on by a pvc pipe washer and a cotter pin

    Is a plastic clip like that strong and durable enough for this?