Python :Linker_Button

Introduction: Python :Linker_Button

Linker button is the key, the SIG(signal output port) of linker button is at a low level(logic0)in case no button

pressed, after the button press, SIG will output a high level (logic 1). And pcduino GPIO through testing

linker button SIG level to determine key state.

In this post, we will demo how to control the linker led through linker button.
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Step 1: Part List

1. pcDuino V2   x1

2. Linker Button  x1

3. Linker LED    x1

4. Linker Base  x1

5. Linker cable  x2

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

Step 3: Test Code

import gpio
from time import sleep

led_pin = "gpio2"
button_pin = "gpio3"

def delay(ms):

def setup():
        gpio.pinMode(led_pin, gpio.OUTPUT)
        gpio.pinMode(button_pin, gpio.INPUT)
        print " Linker LED Pin : D2 \n Linker Button Pin : D3"

def loop():
                        gpio.digitalWrite(led_pin, gpio.HIGH)
                else :
                        gpio.digitalWrite(led_pin, gpio.LOW)


Step 4: Test Result

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