Queen Bee Incubator

Introduction: Queen Bee Incubator

Hi there!

First of all sorry for my bad english.

This is my first instructable so be indulgent with me.

Among many other things i am a beekeper too. I needed an incubator for queen bee so here it is :

sorry that the movie is in romanian not english.

Step 1:

materials neded:

1 broken microwave oven

1 autoadhesive panel thermometer

1 chicken egg incubator.

Step 2:

First i stripped almost everything from the microwave oven. I said almost because i kept the "power modes" switch and the lightbulb.

second i chopped the shield from the door.

third i modified the electronics and the settings of electronics of the chicken egg incubator so that the maxim temperature be at 35 degrees celsius. (originally the chicken egg incubator heat is 37,5 - 38 degrees celsius).

Step 3:

i mounted in that order:

-thermometer on the door glass;

-electronics in the microwave oven case;

and that's it!


Step 4:

and here is the result on the first line of 34 queens:

inside is a cup of water to mantain the humidity needed.

all i have to do from now is 2 shelves with rails for the nicot holders.

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    6 years ago

    easy recycled incubator :) thanks!