Quick and Easy Milkshake




Introduction: Quick and Easy Milkshake

 As James bond always says,"shaken not sired."and that is all were doing today to make this very good milkshake!

                                     takes about 1-2 min.

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Step 1: Supplies

 ice cream (how ever much you want)
milk (about enough to fill 1/4 up the ice cream in the bowl)
Tupperware bowl (any locking bowl will work fine)
sink (in case of messes!)
flavored syrup (optional!)

Step 2: Step 1

 put some ice cream in a locking bowl

Step 3: Step 2

 fill it with milk until it reaches 1/4 up the ice cream

Step 4: Step 3

 put that lid on the bowl and shake hard! until it is nice and smooth 

-stir slightly if needed
-shaking should take about 30 sec. 

Step 5: YAY!

 your done!!!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    My mom and I needed a quick treat, we couldn't find anything, until I remembered Instructables, even then we couldn't find anything quick and good, until we found this.

    5/5 Stars (maybe 6/5)