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Introduction: Quick IPhone Holder

A quick iPhone holder to view videos or listen to music. I'm using it for my toddler to view Barney clips via YouTube. It took me about 5 minutes to make and the hinged flap perfectly reflects the sound from the built-in speakers towards the viewer.

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Step 1: Find a Cardboard Canister.

I used a fritos can, which is cardboard and easy to cut into. You could also use a Pringles can - but I imagine that wouldn't be as sturdy.

Step 2: Measure Insersion Area

Line up the iPhone with the canister and the spot you want the iPhone to fit within. Lower is generally better for the sake of stability.

Step 3: Mark Cutting Lines

Use a pen or pencil to roughly mark the lines you will be cutting the canister with.

Step 4: Cut 3 Sides of the Cutout Area

Cut the rectangle area except for the right, which will act as a hinge (see next photo for illustration). I used a rug cutter but you may use a sharp serrated knife, etc.

Step 5: Tape Hinge to Reinforce.

If you overcut, don't worry; you can tape to repair too...
Just tape the hinge such that the reflected sound from the iPhone speaker points to the viewer. See the next step for illustration.

Step 6: Insert IPhone and Enjoy

Notice the illustration with reflected sound from the bottom speakers of the iPhone. Where the hinge sits makes a big difference in how the sound travels. I prefer using the tape on the hinge to control how wide open the flap goes. Once you find the sweet spot, just tape that position on the hinge area and it shouldn't easily open wider than that.

Set this up at a moment's notice to easily present a video for your kids!

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