Quick Reload Assault Handgun

Introduction: Quick Reload Assault Handgun

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this handgun is powerfull and easy to load, which helps for battles. this gun takes around 1-2 seconds while others take much longer. :D

however, this is not intended for use in grass because this shoots the small green/black rods. ;(

However, you can shoot bb's with it!  :D

This is my first K-nex gun EVER!!! so please SUBSCRIBE!!!

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Step 1: Outsides of Gun

here you will make the outsides of the gun. DO NOT connect the 2 parts.

Step 2: Middle Parts

build these little thing which make the gun work.

Step 3: Break Time

if you need it, take a break for a while. Do whatever you want. just remember to finish the gun soon.

Step 4: Assembly!

this is the final part of making your gun! have extra k-nex by because there are a few things that have to be added here you haven't made yet.

Step 5: Your Done!!!!!

thank you for building my instructible. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

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    5 years ago

    cool, I like the design