Intro: "Beehive"

This was an entry into a juried craftshow for our local 'Bread & Honey Festival'. There were several craft categories but the only one my eggs would fit was the "anything with a bee" category. This is a large goose egg, black on the bottom and variegated gold leafing on the top. I used gold cording to make the beehive 'lines' and doorway and the leafing went over that. I found a vintage costume jewellery bee brooch that I used as the thumbpiece. The flowers on the stand are painted a pearl white and I added a crystal to the centre of each flower.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great job. I noticed that you used a ring hinge. How do you like them compared to the regular hinge? Again, great job.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I love hinge rings, they give such a finished look and help protect the egg. I would use them all the time if they weren't so expensive. I still have a hard time 'fitting' them to an egg. I find if I cut several that seem to be the right size I can mix and match tops and bottoms. Trying to fit it to just one egg always gives me one part that fits perfectly and one that is just a bit too big. Glad you liked it.