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Haven't you always wanted your very own "Kiteman" finger puppet at the end of your fingertip, ready to do your every whim?. He also doubles as a decoration for the end of your pencil? Take him back to school - amaze your friends.

Well now you are in luck, (with some encouragement from Caitlin's Dad and knitting efforts from Stinkymum), this treasured artifact can be yours. One problem - you have to know how to knit!

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Step 1: Gentlemen Take Your Needles!

Take number 3 mm knitting needles and some yarn in the following colours

white - for the body
pink - for the head
black for tufts of hair and embroidered features
a small amount of green for dapper bow tie

With your 3mm knitting needles and white yarn (I am using Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand, as I love this yarn) cast on 14 stitches.

Garter stitch two rows

Using stockinette stitch and starting with a knitted row, knit 16 rows ending with a purl row

(you will also need a nice sharp darning needle with a big eye!)

Step 2: Colour Change

After finishing your 16 stockinette stitch rows in white, change to flesh pink and knit another 10 rows using stockinette stitch starting with a knit row and ending with a purl row.

Next row,
knit two together to end (you will now have 8 stitches - unless of course you made a mistake)

Run a darning needle through all the stitches, pull up very tightly and bind of tightly for the top of his head

Step 3: Right Sides Together!

With right sides together sew up your creation starting from the head using the end of the pink yarn. Continue sewing down and use white yarn to sew up the little body. The seam will be at the back of the puppet! You have now achieved faceless "Kiteman" (but of course he is inside out!)

Step 4: Turn the Little Darling Right Side Out

Turn the little guy right side out after sewing neatly on the wrong side. (aaah!)

Step 5: It's All in the Face!

Take a strand of black yarn and divide it into half, so that it is thinner. Alternatively take a strand of embroidery silk for the purpose of creating the likeness of the great "Kiteman" himself. This may take a few attempts to get a true likeness, and I am sure you will be able to achieve it better than I can, as I really need new glasses!

Step 6: Stuff the Head!

Once the face is embroidered to your satisfaction, take a small amount of fibre fill stuffing and poke into the head portion. It's that scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz moment!

Take your sharp darning needle, thread with some white yarn or embroidery floss and draw the needle round the last top row of the white knitted piece and pull up very tightly and fasten off, darn in ends neatly.

Step 7: Add Hair

Add tufts of hair! I had a problem with this. Perhaps "Kiteman" has a problem with it too!

Step 8: Embroider His Lab Coat

Carefully, and much more neatly than I have done, embroider lab coat complete with collar.

Step 9: Ears

For the ears

Cast on two stitches with pink yarn

Next row, knit two together and pull end of yarn through

(make two!)

Sew ears to head underneath the glasses - one on each side!

Step 10: Embroider Pocket and Pens

With your sharp pointed needle, embroider pocket with pens - try to be neater than I was!

Step 11: Little Green Bowtie

Kiteman is very dapper with his little green bow tie.

Therefore, with dapper green yarn, cast on three stiches.

Knit 8 rows garter stitch and bind off neatly, and darn in loose ends

Tie a piece of matching green yarn round centre of striip and tie tightly to form "bow" effect. Fasten off loose ends neatly.

Step 12: Fit to Be Bow-tied!

Sew the little bow tie neatly under "Kiteman's" chin and he is complete

Even the loon thinks he is spiffy! Although it is not too sure about the hair-do!

Step 13: Isn't He a Sweetie?

You have achieved "Kiteman" (sort of!) Although I think he is having a bad hair day!

Wear him as a finger ornament or place at the end of your favourite pencil

He also works well on glue sticks and chubby markers - the choice is yours!

All ready to take back to school!

We love you Kiteman!

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