"Sketch!" the Game




This is a game that I created during math class. (When I SHOULD have been paying attention!) That requires little to no effort to play.

Step 1: Step One! Materials.

This isn't a game full of expensive equipment or homemade weaponry. No! This game consists of Three things;
*Paper (Nothing Fancy Here)

*Writing Utensil of choice

  • Creativity

Once you've got these commodities you just need someone to play!

Step 2: Playing the Game

Just because this is a simple game, does NOT mean that it's boring. It yields excitement and joy all around!

Anyways, The way to play Sketch! is easy!

First, you must choose who goes first!

The person who goes first draws An Object as demonstrated below.
Then, The second person draws something to counteract the first object. And then the first person has to counter that object and so on as described in the pictures.

The game ends when the other player cannot counter the object or if time runs out ( The school bell. We play at recess now.)
Another way to play is in rounds.

Step 3: Fin

Now that you've read through slowly and carefully. (right?)
You're on your way to stretching you creative side and Having fun!
Remember, when sketching, The only limit is your imagination! So get creative!



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    6 years ago on Step 2

    Lol, bomb squad squad.

    Plo Koon

    7 years ago on Step 2

    This is like something me and my brother would come up with. Enter this into the little search box to go to my Instructable, A Pointless Yet Entertaining Game: pointless, entertaining, game


    10 years ago on Introduction

    a simple variation is that each player only gets 1 minute for each turn. I don't know how fun that would be however


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice game. Wonderful exercise in brainstorming- something most people need practice at- judging by the meetings I suffer thru. A word version involves taking turns writing sentences and folding the page down as to not see previous lines. You'll be amazed at the end result read as a whole.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is the traditional start that my brother and I would use as children (a bomb falling on a power plant). I was going to write an Instructable on this very game at one point... The thing to remember to make this game fun is that it uses "cartoon physics"- magnets will irresistibly attract metal objects, you can catch anything in a big enough net, "grease" removes all friction between any objects, etc... so the plays should quickly get more and more silly. Example: A: a power station B: a bomb falling on it A: a net to catch the bomb B: scissors to cut the net A: a rock to stop the scissors B: a piece of paper (paper beats rock, remember) A: a recycling truck to remove the paper B: a landfill company employee to stop the recycling truck A: greenpeace to stop the landfill company B: Japanese whalers to stop Greenpeace A: a school of angry whales to stop the whalers You stop when you run out of space on the paper :)

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