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Introduction: "Until Midnight" Egg

About: I'm a Designer, Creator, Inventor. #1 Hobby - brainstorming. I invented the Unicorn Poop cookie, as published here on instructables. And now I am a metalsmith. <3
This is my Fairytale Faberge Egg. I was inspired by my belief in "Happily Ever After" and some Cinderella thrown in there. :) If this works, I will attach a slide show. *Everything was recycled, I started with old cake decorations and old jewelry.*

Step 1: Materials

*i used old cake decorations for the egg (balloon) and lady
*pink paints
*hot glue, E6000 and Varnish
*clear spray paint to coat before varnish
*old jewelry

Step 2: Painting

*paint your.. egg.. lol. or ballon. and hope that you have a safe way of drying it
*paint your lady and don't paint her skin
*once dry, spray paint the clear once or 2x just to coat them
*once that is dry, coat with varnish at least once and it will make shininess

Step 3: Design + Glue

*take your jewelry and plan wisely
*cut all your pieces up, start to glue them down on the lady 1st (use E6000 glue)
*then glue your lady to the "egg" piece (don't worry about glue showing)
*cover your line of the "seam" under lady with a line of rhinestones
*for mine, i chose a clock centerpiece from an old watch
*i don't know how to take the battery out, so i took it apart and filled it with hot glue LOLOL
*then i broke off a toothpick inside to make sure i don't lose my "midnight" time on the clock
*put the watch back together
*glue rhinestones around the edge of the clock
*i used hot glue for the watch back, then dropped it STRAIGHT onto my fingertip and blistered
*don't do the ABOVE step
*add more bling
*be gentle so you don't break anything off and rip the paint off, like i did lol. (then u have to fix it)

Step 4: Final Touches

*this is where you add more but be careful not to over-do it
*find a base of some sort
*i found my base at the thrift store and it might have been for a candle or something

Step 5: The End!

*Be proud of what you made and make it pose with pretty things and take pics! :D

(after all, it's a lot prettier than what you began with, right?)

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