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this is my entry into the Eco-tech challenge. what i have made is a simple filter that will clean rain water. its quick and efficient. 

Step 1: You Will Need!

1x plastic cup 
3x chopstick
1x plastic funnel
1x packet of water purification tablets
1x towel
1x rubber band 

a pair of scissors 

Step 2: Cut the Bottom Off the Cup!

cut the bottom off the plastic cup with the scissors. you should now be able to see through the cup like it is a tube.

Step 3: Cut the Towel!

cut a circle of the towel so it is just bigger than the rim of the plastic cup.
secure in place with a rubber band.

Step 4: Add the Legs!

attach the chop sticks as legs. slide them under the rubber band and adjust so it is high enough for a cup to fit under it ( pix no. 3)

Step 5: Add the Purification Tablets!

place the purification tablet onto the cloth try to spread them evenly.
{ i did not have any tablets in the house at the time of build so in the picture i have used blu tac to demon straight.}

Step 6: Place the Funnel in the Top of the Cup!

gently place the funnel in the top of the cup.

you have now FINISHED!

place in the rain for some clean water

Step 7: How It Works!

as the rain is collected by the funnel it drips into the cup where it passes through the layer of purification tablets i then slowly goes through the cloth witch keeps out twigs and bugs then it drips into the cup placed under the dripping water.  



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    3 years ago

    the water purification tablets? what water purification tablets???!!!???


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Is rainwater that unclean where you really need to filter it? Only pure water can evaporate, and unless you are in the middle of a city full of smog, I'm not sure the rain would be dirty enough to justify a filter.

    1 reply

    It's carbon 14 from plants and animals ground up really fine. It binds almost everything and is often used for filtering but it wouldn't have killed off bacteria so you did it right. Good article and explanation. I like the whole gravity filter approach.

    thanks for the explanation
    as i said i am only 13 so didn't knw about carbon 14

    pls vote for me in the green tech challenge


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I just wonder if the water would stay in the purification reservoir long enough for the tablets to do their job. Great start, though.

    1 reply