Rainbow Loom How-to: Flower Power




Introduction: Rainbow Loom How-to: Flower Power

This is and expert level bracelet, it is important to loop all the bands in the correct order.

Supplies: 3 colours of rainbow loom bands, hook, s clip and rainbow loom.

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Step 1:

Beginning on the left side place a black band going out wards from the middle peg and then another on the peg that the first band touches going upwards and then one last on going inwards from the second peg.

Step 2:

Repeat this process on the other side starting from the bottom and going upwards.

Step 3:

Continue this pattern all the way up the loom, they should look like hexagons.

Step 4:

Place one dark pink band in this position.

Step 5:

Continue this all the way around in a clockwise direction

Step 6:

Do this on the next hexagon in a lighter pink making sure that it is placed in a clockwise direction.

Step 7:

Create four more ‘flowers’ on the loom.

Step 8:

Place cap bands that match the colour in the centre of each flower

Step 9:

Place a black cap band on the end peg of the loom that is farthest away from you

Step 10:

Turn the loom so that the capped peg is closest to you and begin looping the bands from the bottom peg out in a counter clockwise direction.

Step 11:

Do this to all the ‘flowers’ on the loom.

Step 12:

Loop the black bands on the outside in the same order you put them on; starting from the bottom and going up the left side

Step 13:

Repeat this on the other side.

Step 14:

Do this all the way up the loom

Step 15:

Hook all the bands on the end peg onto you hook and do a single chain with your fingers, now you are ready to pull you bracelet off the loom and enjoy !

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5 years ago

i had them there because some of my bands broke, the pattern still works but this was just my fault

This is really cute! I noticed you have hooks on it. Are those for decoration or to hold bands in place?