Ranger Roll Your T-shirt



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Intro: Ranger Roll Your T-shirt

first, lay your shirt (front faceup)

Step 1: Ready the Materials

-your shirt

Step 2: Bottom Part

fold the bottom part inwards
and straighten it up...
it should be balanced
it will be needed to wrap the whole thing later.

Step 3: Left Part

fold the left side of the t-shirt inwards :) and fold the sleeve outwards....
follow... carefully and straighten the shirt

Step 4: The Right Part

fold the right part inwards aligning with the left part....
then fold the sleeve outwards....
and straighten it up

Step 5: Flip...en...roll

flip it making the top part face you....... then roll very tightly...

Step 6: Last Part

after the roll, put your fingers inside the hole........ then turn it outwards and wrap the whole thing....

Step 7: Make It Pretty

after all, make it pretty hahaha
(pretty one 2nd pic)



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