Rapid Fire Mouse Mod WITHOUT Adding an Additional Button

Introduction: Rapid Fire Mouse Mod WITHOUT Adding an Additional Button

I did an rapid fire mod to my battered Logitech MX500 mouse. There are many howtos around, i used this one: www.instructables.com/id/Add_a_rapid_fire_button_to_your_mouse_using_a_555_/

The difference in my approach is: I did it without an additional switch. So the mouse is not cutted and the mod cannot be noticed from the outside. It is a clean mod.

But the circuit does need a button to activate the rapid fire, i used one of the existing buttons of the mx500.

See the pictures.

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Step 1: Overview


Step 2: The Button Used

The Picture shows the button i have used for rapid firing.

I desoldered it and interrupted the circuit points with a piece of electrical tape.
(The red piece on the left side)

The two soldering points on the right side of the button were originally used by logitech for keeping the button in place. I used these to connect the wires. One wire is coming from the rapid fire circuit, the other one is going to the left mousebutton switch. (See next step)

Step 3: The Switch

The picture shows the downside of the left mousebutton switch.
The cable comming from the rapid fire button is connected to the pin on the right.

So when the rapid fire button is pushed, the rapid fire signal goes straight to the out pin of the left mousebutton.

Step 4: Summary

The button for rapid firing is a button i never used, so i added a nice little feature to my mouse, without altering its look and feel.

My little instructable ends with some pictures just showing the circuit which is explained elsewhere.

Ok this was my first entry on instructables.com, i hope you like it! =)

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    3 Discussions


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    great 'ible, building on others, constantly improving... could be useful, however my mouse often glitches so thinks i am firing when im not. doesnt this waste ammo really fast?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    yes it will also u might want to update yr drivers as well