Really Good Eggs





Introduction: Really Good Eggs

This is a really good egg recipe.


Step 1: Ingredients

butter 2 tbsp
Eggs 2
Salt 4 tsp
Pepper 4 tsp
Basil 2 tsp
Hot Sauce 6 drops
Cheese 2 pieces about 2 cm long
Vegetables of choice (optional)

Step 2: Making

1) Light stove.
2) In pan melt butter.
3) Add the two eggs.
4) On one egg put salt, pepper, and cheese.
5) On the other egg put salt, pepper, hot sauce, basil and cheese.
6) Wait for the ingredients to sink into the eggs.
7) Put vegetable on egg one (optional).
8) Take egg two and put it on egg one.

And your finished.

Step 3: Hope You Like It

Hope you like my recipe



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