Really Kwik and Easy Paper Plane That Realy Flies

Introduction: Really Kwik and Easy Paper Plane That Realy Flies

take a piece of paper 8.5 by 11" and fold it in half the long way

ps-- this is my first instructable so be kind.

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Step 1: Step2

fold the top two corners down to the crease the last fold made then fold the triangle on the top that you made down.

Step 2: Step Three

take the top corners and fold thep down again except to one inch above the tip of the triangle then fold the tip of the triangle upand fold in half and finish the way you finish most paper planes.

ps--look at my cool pic of a night killing an evil plant.

Step 3: How to Throw

hold the triangle at the bottom of the instructable and throw forward flies good but to make it fly higher take the corners of the wings and curl them downwards to go higher do the opposite to make them fly towards the ground or vice-versa I forget.

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for teaching me how to make my very first paper air plane! I am so pleased because today...actually yesterday; I left court room with happiness so tremendous my first impulse was to fly out on an airplane, of course I had the court document in my hand and fiddled with making one of my own...thanks again
    for showing me how.

    I'm sorry that there are no pictures I couldn't find my camera and I don't know how to ad images (Ps: this is my first instructable)