Rearview Tinkering

Introduction: Rearview Tinkering

this is a fun, simple way to show your co-workers that you had 2 minuts of spair time that you spent on them.

Step 1: Rearview Mischief

find an appropriate and well contrasted peice of clip-art, reduce the size until it prints about the size of a dime. laminate the printed peice with some clear tape, straighten a paperclip, attatch the laminated pic to one end of the clip, and bend the tip to the appropriate angle to sit in the view of a rearview camera on any car.

Step 2: Smile and Wait

atatch the clip to the vehicle so it is positioned in view of the camera, secure it with some duct tape, try not to smile conspicuously whike waiting to watch the result.

Step 3:

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