Recycled, Throw Away Spy Cam

One again I have taken some broken crap around the house and made something useful........I get very bored......So I had this old first edition kinda "flip video" and the screen was broken and it was kinda bulking anyways and basically I never would have used it again. So I just broke it down and took the screen off and the shell and brought it to bare bones. the original USB wire unpluged from the device itself so after I relearned the button operation I could record and stop it then plug the USB wire back into it and then to a computer and it just downloads its own drivers still and you can see what is on it I say its a throw away because well it was trash and if someone were to say find it as a "spy cam" then what ever lol, as long as I have the "key" USB wire that unplugs then they cant see whats on it and would have to get a flip, tear it down and hope that the wire plug is the same to see it, and by that point I feel someone would give up cause A: they are the only ones on it anyways so they just break it and trash it. That's a "recycled" throw away spy cam right? lol still has microphone and video work great, 720p 2hr of recording.



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