Recycled Decoupag-y Magnets!

Introduction: Recycled Decoupag-y Magnets!

i felt a bit sad that my fridge was getting covered in those flat promotional magnets from local businesses that i don't use, so i started covering the magnets with fun pictures, and smiling at breakfast again!

i like making these so much because they're cheap and quick, as you don't need anything fancier than sticky tape, some magnets, a glue stick (even a crappy one), and some pictures or photos; it can be really easy (if you pick simple square or rectangular shapes); and it doesn't require too much coordination (i can get frustrated with wanting to make something nice, but my lack of precision makes the thing turn out not so good :( )


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Step 1: Ingredients

you'll need:

- flat promotional magnets (check your letterbox, or maybe stores in your area have them)
- scissors (preferably small and sharp, especially necessary when cutting out complicated shapes)
- glue stick (the dry kind, not the wet stuff)
- clear sticky tape
- pretty pictures!! photos, magazine pics, postcards: anything that will fit on a single magnet, or part thereof. you could probably stick a whole bunch of magnets and pics together, too- i haven't done this yet though :D

Step 2: Your Picture

choose the picture for you magnet. for this demonstration, i have used a very cute little nori roll from a japanese takeaway menu.

cut out the picture, and apply a tiny smidge of glue to the back of the image. you only need enough glue to help the picture hang on to the magnet until you tape it down, so be very sparing.

sit the cut out picture on the face out side of the magnet, ie the side which is printed, glue side down.

Step 3: Cut the Magnet and Stick It All Together

holding the picture firmly to the magnet, cut the magnet around your cut out picture.

take a piece of tape, and cover the picture and magnet from one edge. make perpendicular cuts into the excess tape to wrap it around the picture and magnet, so that the tape makes a smooth edge.

take the next piece of tape, and overlap the first piece of tape by as little as possible, and stick the edges down behind the magnet. continue like this until the whole image and magnet are covered with tape and the edges are nice and smooth.

Step 4: Enjoy a Happy Fridge :D

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    10 years ago on Introduction

     I see promotional magnets being given out all the time. Now i'm going to collect them and have fun redesigning them.