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Introduction: Recycled Jewelry

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Give a general description of the Instructable necklace and earring pendents from recycled candy foil

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what your going to need
foil wrapped candy
a short piece of gold wire
a piece of florist wire
wire snippers
clear acrylic gloss medium and varnish

Step 2: Getting Started

The first step is the hardest, carefully open the wrapper and eat the candy, then smooth the foil. It doesn't matter to much if it tears but try to keep it one piece

Step 3: 2

take one piece of the foil and roll into a ball, if wanted use a 2nd piece to make it larger.

Step 4: 3

take the small piece of gold wire and twist into a loop with 2 legs

Step 5: 4

Insert the foil ball between the legs of the loop you just made, a little dab of superglue or other adhesive can be useful but not really needed

Step 6: 5

cover the ball and legs with another sheet of foil

Step 7: 6

now cover it again, this time with the colored foil facing outward

Step 8: 7

Now attach the handle/hanger with a couple of loose twists

Step 9: 8

now using the handle wire dip the foil ball into the clear acrylic glaze, allow it to drip back into the bottle

Step 10: 9

Hang the ball from something and allow to continue dripping and drying

Step 11: 10,11,12,13,14,15

repeat steps 8 and 9 at least 3times but as many as you want, the more dips the thicker the glaze and the harder the final piece will be

Step 12: Finish

Here's some of the finished pieces, as you can see your not limited to round/oval shapes, the heart shape I used 2small and one medium size ball and worked it into shape as I covered them, the diamond? shape was a piece of juice box cut to shape, covered with foil and a couple scraps of wire superglued on then covered with the colored foil



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    LOL, I would hope my photography has gotten better but alas I still end up with blurred,, out of focus and dark digital pics ! This was one of those ideas that while they sold it wasn't worth repeating for me

    Very interesting instructable. I think you could also use some sort of ready made tube and make a bead that could then be strung on beading cord or, as I usually do, fishing line. I think ball point pen refills (empty ones) could be cut into several tubes you'd then cover with your foil.

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    Hi paqrat--- you have some good ideas. Also am collecting empty ball point pen refills for making jewelry.Thought I could put seed beads inside cut sections ,but still haven't thought of how to seal the ends before turning them into beads. Just maybe some resourseful member could figure it out--- then I won't have to wrack my poor brains.

    Did you mean how to seal the holes on the seed beads? Cause I've been thinking about using small rhinestones to seal different sizes of beads. I run into a lot of fake pearl pins with the pearls in poor shape. I don't find a lot of undrilled pearls but do run into a lot of broken pearl necklaces and so a number of drilled pearls. I was thinking I could glue a rhinestone in the hole that will show and mount the pearl with the hole facing up then glue the rhinestone in the hole. I think it would make it all look intentional and hopefully, pretty.

    Hi again----- Sorry-- did not mean "refills. The pen itself is what I'm referring to.. If I cut them in sections, fill with beads, then somehow seal the end so the beads stay put. They are the cheap,clear,pens, so this could be quite a novel way to make beads.I use the refills to wind my paper beads on, then cut the refill to size. Makes for a neat hole in the bead. Hope you like the ideas. Sadly, I don't know how to put photos on my computer so sure you'll be able to figure it out and take it from there.

    I think what I would do to seal the ends of the tubes made from pen bodies (nice idea) would be to use regular round beads a little larger than the openings. You could use any sort of round bead either to contrast in color or to blend with color of the tubes then glue them in place.

    good idea/s, I'll remember that if I make these again. Thank you for commenting

    Thanks this is a good idea i have a bunch of those wraps around here cause i found them so pretty and i dont trow em away,im gonna try to do this =)

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    Thank you for commenting on my recycled jewelry. Its an easy process but it is a bit time consuming. The one thing I would do different is to buy the metal loops from the jewelry section of a craft store.  If you do make some please post photos

    Oh man I am SOOOO trying this! Ah dang, I don't have any candy with aluminum foil.... I really need to go shopping now. :D Great Instructable!

    I am SO trying that!! I've been looking for ways to make pendants and this is perfect. Hobby stores that carry beading supplies will carry gold or silver loops already made. Or you can get plain wire there or at hardware stores. You could also experiment with glitter on the last dip or continue dipping after the glitter coat dries. You could dip scraps of leather - yeow! My mind is screaming with "recycling" ideas. Or leather with a photo glued to one side. Gotta where's my Mod Podge?

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    thanks for the enthusiastic reply ! ! ! This really started out as I was cleaning up my desk, I started rolling the candy foils up and when I accidently added the colored foil out thought whoaaaaaaaa I can do something with this..but what? Hmmm I could dip it in clear acrylic...but how? I need a hoop!! and a handle... I started with a straight piece of wire with a hoop on one end but they kept pulling out and needed a drop of superglue so I went with the 2 leg version. You may need to glue the store bought pieces in place but its a great idea. The glitter is another good idea, you could use plain silver foil and add colored glitter in different layers to give real depth!! Thats a great thing about this site, one idea can grow and grow and grow and....

    That's good to know about the pins pulling out. They are perfectly straight wires. Gorilla glue might work for the straight pin with the loop. There is another type of pin with no loop but has a blunted end. You could stick that up all the way through the bottom and use jewelry making tools to create the loop at the top. And are you thinking "earrings?" Check out the hobby stores for those wires.