Recycled Pallet Note Pad Chalk Board




Introduction: Recycled Pallet Note Pad Chalk Board

have a note pad handy where ever you need it. Not only does it use recycled pallets but also saves on paper note pads Simple to make and fun to use

Step 1: Things I Used

TOOLS Pallet wood (1/4 sawn)

Table saw spar varnish

Hand plane mini railroad spikes

Drill press chalk board spray paint

Sander old leather belt

chalk pencil

Step 2: Be Carefull

Working with power tools and sharp hand tools is fun but use your head also wear safety glasses as well as a dust mask

Step 3: 1/4 Sawn Oak From Pallet Cut Down on Table Saw to 1" Thick Boards

I started out with a 3x4 piece of 1/4 sawn oak after I milled the board down to 1" thick boards I looked for soom good figure to cut out my pieces for the note pad

Step 4: Thickness Plane and Flatten Out the Board

using a block plane I flattened out the boards that had already been cut on the table saw.

Step 5: Cut to Size

After cutting size I sanded down to 220 grit and beveled all the edges

Step 6: Drilled the Peg Holes

Step 7: Make a Square Peg Fit a Round Hole

I used my block plane to round of the peg and beveled the end with a belt sander

Step 8: Varnish

after sanding I used spar varnish to bring out the figure in the oak.I used 3 coats with a light sanding in between

Step 9: Paint the Black Board

I used chalk board spray paint First I taped it out leaving a little edge on the front leaving a little edge unpainted to make it pop

Step 10: The Chalk Holder

I used an old belt to make the chalk holder I cut it and nailed it on with model railroad tacks

Step 11: All Done Ready to Leave a Note

Step 12: Be Carefull

use power and hand tools with care they are fun to use but dangerous also safety glasses and a dust mask

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