Recycled Paper Bracelet




for making recycled paper bracelet we need




-acrylic colors

-kabab stick/wire/thin stick (anything to allow making paper rolls)

-paint brush

-bangle (just to know size of bracelet)

Step 1:

take newspaper and fold it in such a way that one page is divided in three parts

then cut strips

we will need approx 20 strips

Step 2:

using stick/wire make paper strip's roll

secure paper roll using glue

remove stick slightly

paper roll is ready

we need approx 20 rolls (i have used 17 rolls)

Step 3:

using fingers flatten each roll

now take bangle, wrap a flattened roll around it

add glue to it and hold it tight to secure round shape

keep the extra part as it is, don't stick it

now add glue to end of extra part and stick another flattened roll to it

go on adding rolls (for this i used total 8 newspaper rolls)

Step 4:

after the glue is dried, go on coiling the paper roll structure around basic round shape
coil it tightly, don't use glue

secure end of coil using glue

make another paper coil structure (here also i used total 8 newspaper rolls)

now slightly push the structure from inside, so that we can get little lifting from center (please refer photo it is more demonstrative)

to make this shape firm, apply glue from inside as well as outside

and let it dry

repeat the same with other coil

Step 5:

now keep both structures on one another as shown

align outer shape with each other

stick another flattened newspaper roll on joining edge of both structures

Step 6:

then apply white acrylic color to it

let it dry

then apply yellow color

when the color is wet apply brown color (shades of brown color)

let it dry

bracelet is ready



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    11 Discussions


    4 years ago

    We do these with magazines, but don't paint them.

    1 reply

    Brilliant idea for newspapers! If you layered the sides even higher and twisted a base in the middle, you could even create plant pots or vases!

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    awesome resourceful upcycle for old newspapers or junk mail

    1 reply