Recycled Plastic Container As Upward Lamp Shade




Introduction: Recycled Plastic Container As Upward Lamp Shade


I hate regular lamp shades. there is nothing worse than first thing in the morning before the sun comes up turning on a lamp and "BWWAAAAAAAAAAAMP" the lamp blasts you with light that hurts your eyes.

so i set out on a quest for an up ways lamp shade that directs light up i didnt find one in my price range so i made a sandwich and while eating it admired the plastic pb tub and it hit me, just use the tub... so i did

Step 1: Matterials

1 lamp, mines a bayonet fitting dont think it matters though

1 energy saver bulb, because they dont get as hot as easily

1 plastic tub reasonably soft and flexable, not too flex or it wont work

1 craft knife

sturdy scissors

Step 2: Cutting

first cut an x over the center of the bottom of the bucket, i suggest looking for something to put inside to cut against, just please for the sake of all that is holy don't cut against your hand... I've seen this, it isn't pretty

cut an X

thats this shape: X

after cutting your x it should be easier to use your scissors to cut out a circle over the x(see picture) to make the fitting fit

my circle is slightly undersize to ensure a snug fit

Step 3: Fin!

pop the tub onto the lamp after removing the securing ring from the fitting and away we go!

put the bulb in, plug that beasty in and there you go a lamp shade that saves you and the earth discomfort



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    I wouldn't recommend using a plastic pot like that. They aren't usually fire retardent and are prone to melting.

    1 reply

    I like to live dangerously xD, but in all seriousness you're probably right and i probably got lucky in that the pot is just far away enough from the bulb that it doesnt get hot

    I think you mean decoupage. I like how your shade looks with the graphic it has now. I've a fixture here that might benefit from a similar treatment. Although it is a 3 way, and I've no 3 way fluorescent bulbs for it presently.

    Decoupage, new word added to my vocab :P thank you. good luck with your project :)

    post a comment. comments are nice, suggestions too please