Recycled Vintage Apron



Introduction: Recycled Vintage Apron

I'm pretty new at sewing, but the vintage contest inspired me to make something. I'm really happy I made my apron it cuz I had a lot of fun making it and I love the way it came out! I found old men's shirts that I used for the material. I didn't have to buy anything; all you need is material and a sewing machine.

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Step 1: The Basic Form

Cut out the shirt you want for your apron in the shape of an apron. I used another apron I had to get my shape.

Step 2: Contrasting Color

Cut a piece of the other material for the strip on bottom, then hem it all around.  Here you can see my other apron that I based my shape on. Don't sew it onto the apron yet.

Step 3: Outline the Apron

Trace the shape of the sides onto the second shirt and cut out a thick piece of that shape (see how I did it in the picture), then hem it all around. Do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Sewing It On

Once you have both pieces fold them over the side edges and sew them in place. Then sew on the thick strip of material made before onto the bottom.

Step 5: Finish Up the Apron

Cut and hem a thinner strip for the top, then make two more identical pieces. sew them together as 1 long strip then sew them on with the middle strip on the apron and the 2 pieces hanging off the side.

Step 6: The Final Touch

To make a pocket cut out a square piece of material from the contrasting color and hem it on 3 sides. Sew a button on the unhemmed side then sew the pocket onto the apron. Stand back and admire your beautiful creation:)

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