Red Currant Vanilla Jam

Introduction: Red Currant Vanilla Jam

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Today, I invented this lovely home-made red currant vanilla jam! I had lots of fresh ripe red currants from our allotment! Ooh yes! So, what to do with them, hey?

I tested different ideas but this was the best recipe yet. This is more of a really thick jam aka jelly like, I believe but this is because you have natural pectine in your berries & I used jam sugar, there is pectine added also.

This is a very delicious red currant jam with a hint of vanilla. I like my jams to be not so overly sweet so I used 1 kg of fresh fruits & 500 gr of jam sugar that only needs 3 minutes of cooking. Really? Ooh yes! You must try it,…It is so easy! :) The red currants & jam sugar are well mixed with a spoon & left to rest, outside the fridge for at least 3 hours. Then, the thing is cooked on medium-heat for exact 3 minutes. That’s it! :) You see how easy this can be?

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients!

Recipe: For 4 medium jam pots + a bit leftover


1 kg of rest red juicy red currants, rinsed, pad dry, only the juicy red ripe red currants, no stalks, please!

500 gr of jam sugar, that only needs 3 minutes of cooking. The jam sugar has in it: pectine, sugar, lemon acid.

1 teaspoon of organic vanilla seeds

extra needed: sterilized jam pots & lids, a funnel, a smaller soup ladle

Step 2: Method: Boil for 3 Minutes & Pour Into Sterilized Jars!

Take a fitted cooking pot & add your red currants in it. Add your 500 gr of jam sugar & mix it through the berries with a spoon. Leave it to rest for at least 3 hours. The berries will absorb a lot of the sugar. Now, before boiling, I mashed a lot of my berries with a potato masher, like 20 times.

Finally, add vanilla seed powder & mix through the sugar-berry mix. Taste. You must taste a hint of the vanilla. Heat up on medium heat. When boiling, lower your heat & let the mix boil for 3 minutes, stirring often. This is all said on the package. Fill, your hot jam into your jam pot until nearly full, with help of a funnel & soup paddle. Place the fitted lid really good on. Turn the pots upside down to make it vacuüm. Be careful not to spill any jam, it will be really hot! When cooled down, turn jam pots back & label them. Store them in a cool dry place for later use. Enjoy! :) This also makes an ideal Food Gift! :)

How to use?

1. Smear it on some good bread!

2. Stir it through some lovely vegan yoghurt!

3. Serve it on top of vegan ice-cream! See picture above!

You can also find it here on my blog:

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