Redone Killerk Magnum




Introduction: Redone Killerk Magnum

This is my first instructable, sorry if it isnt great, i tried hard on it.

anyways i made the killerk magnum and decided there are certain things about it i didnt like, or i thought could be improved, and so i did that. The end result was a extremely fun to use and more rifle-like magnum. i made it with the intent of trying to make it magazine fed. that idea failed, but im still trying!!


ALSO- i am not responsible if you have so much fun with it your face melts off.

Step 1: Making the Barrel and Frame Top and Bottom

Basically all you need to do is make these pieces EXACTLY LIKE PICTURED and set them aside. you will have more pieces to make before you need these again

Step 2: The Support Pieces

You must make these pieces. they are the support for the gun, without some of them the gun will bend and you will have to use weaker rubberbands. you must have to of every part. you should be able to just look at them and figure out what parts to use

Step 3: Time to Put the Barrel and Body Toghether With the Support Peices!

ok so now what you do is you put the pieces together. the pictures should explain it pretty well. sorry if it doesnt

Step 4: Frame Construction Part 2

ok this is part two of the frame construction. its really simple and easy to do, just look at the pics

Step 5: Making the Trigger-stop and Reinforcing Handle and Frame

just put these pieces where it shows to in the pictures. if you need to go back to the intro to see a larger zoomed out pic. it might help.

Step 6: Inserting the Ram, Other Parts, and Firing

This is the final step. you simply add a few pieces (shown in pictures) and add rubberbands and fire. simple as that.

also- it shows what the ammunition looks like and how to load and fire it

Step 7: Finally

You are done! i will have a video up eventually. but i hope you enjoyed shooting and building this as much as i did.

have fun!

Step 8: Optional Step


try to make it look like a real gun! or a gun from your favorite video game.
i tried to make mine look like the assault rifle off of halo 1:CE. i think it turned out well but could have turned out better if i had more pieces. so heres a few pics of it.



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    43 Discussions

    I like your gun but you shouuld try a Handel like gorkom's sniper

    nice gun! i was messin around with the magnum and i made 1 that is magazine fed and shoots blue rods-it looks like a halo battle rifle except the stock is not as much like a rectangle-ill post it soon

    its insanely fun doing that, i made a halo 1 battle rifle and a gears of war lancer. i have pics of the battle rifle but none of the lancer.

    meh, id rather have the assault rifle from halo 1 than the battle rifle, looks and performance are much better. i cant stand the halo 2 one...

    is any one here battle field fans? iv made the voss L-AR and the BAUR H-AR they work quite well and are fairly accurate. i made a zeller-H advanced snper rifle but i still have 2 make it look more like the real thing. shoud i post any? i would post the voss L-AR but i dun wanna disect it. lol

    lol, a lil l8, i destroyed them now, but i will remake em. but then i just gotta find a cam, lol. and i kinda prefer BF 2 instead, but they are pretty similar.

    I think he said he was gonna make one but by the time he got around to it, there was already one like what he was gonna make. So he never posted it. I think that's the story.