Refill Disposable E-cig Cartridge

Introduction: Refill Disposable E-cig Cartridge

hi, in this instruct able i will show you how to refill a disposable ecig cartridge. this method can be used on most all brands.


ecig fluid (juice)
tweezers ( or something small enough to fit into the plastic end cap and pop it out.
syringe ( from another project i had a 3cc syringe with 22g needle)
used disposable ecig cartridge 

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Step 1: Dismantle the Cartridge

to dismantle the cartridge
first remove the end cap by inserting the tweezers just a little into the hole and slightly pry up on the inside. do this at several spots while rotating the cartridge. the cap will soon pop out. just behind the end cap is a silicone spacer ( some brands do not have this part), using the tweezers again remove this by putting the point just in the hole and pulling the spacer out.
after this point you are ready to refill the cartridge.

Step 2: Fill Cartridge With Your Ecig Fluid (juice)

before filling ( if you don't want a MESS) place the silicone cap on the threaded end of cartridge, this should have originally come on your cartridge when new.
cartridge should stand vertical with the cap on.
the cartridge holds approximately 1ml of fluid.
using the syringe draw up 1ml of fluid and insert it in the wick and inject just a little and remove.
repeat this at different spots around the wick until you see the fluid saturate the top of the wick.
you don't want it to be flooded, just wet looking. if you get too much just draw it back into the syringe.
also you don't want the tube in the center of the wick to have fluid in it, if so just draw it back out.

Step 3: Rebuild the Cartridge and You Are Done!

place the silicone spacer on your work surface ( concave side up) and place the cartridge down over the spacer pushing it just inside the end.
using the syringe cap evenly push the spacer down to the top of the wick( not much force) not to compress the wick.
then place the end cap on your work surface and pop it back into the end of the cartridge and you are done!

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