Remote-controlled Reconnaissance Rc

Introduction: Remote-controlled Reconnaissance Rc

first of all I'm Hungarian so sorry for the mistakes. This reconnaissance rc  can be use for many things for example you can explore the empty wall cabinet . But its dark so you can put on a torch  or a LED (when you use an video camera you can turn the Night vision mode)
its cheap and easy so when you have the materials at home IT HAS NO COST.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

you need an
-remote controlled rc
-plastics box
-paper box
-duct tape

Step 2: Making the Platform of the Rc

if you find an plastics box that can be put into the platform of the rc fix it down with the duct tape.
Make sure it is in the middle of it because the camera will fall down while its turning and fix it correctly!

Step 3: Making the Box of the Camera

Get the paper box and the lens defender and the pencil.Draw around the the lens defender whit the pen or pencil on the box. You have to make a line around the lens defender like on the picture.Cut it out.then.Place the camera in the box. if it too tall t the lens of the camera put something under it. And cut out the top of the box where the shutter button is (if you don't now what's shutter button look at the picture 
notes).turn the mode to the video recording mode.

Step 4: Place the Camera Box on the Platform of the Rc

this is the last step of it ist easy.Get the platform of the rc,the camera box and the duct the camera box on the top of the plastics  box and fix it whit the duct tape.Turn on everything and close the box of the camera,then push the shutter button through the hole that you were cut.

Step 5:

Step 6:

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You are Hungarian, and only 12 years old! Well done!