Remote Controlled Robot With Mobile Video Recording

Introduction: Remote Controlled Robot With Mobile Video Recording

hiiiii  guys! this is my first iam  going
 to show u how to make a remote controlled robot with camera(mobile video recording)

so follow these steps..


required materials:

1) 3 geared motors(two for handling and other for cam movement)
2) 1 caster wheel(to reduce the friction)
3) 3 dpdt(double pole double through switches).
4)two way plaster.
5)three motor wheels.
6) a cardboard  for mounting.
7)3 meters ribbon wire.


After all the parts are gathered,start assembling the robot by introducing the two way plasters on the cardboard
fix the two geared motors on the cardboard as shown in figure.
one more thing is two way plaster is ur optional ,u may also use hot glue stick.


now make three holes on the cardboard(as per the caster wheel holes) and fix it by using screws as shown in the figure.
after all the assembling is done the robot will looks like this...
now lets move on to the wiring the robot. I request u to plz... follow the circuit diagram provided.


connect the three motors to the respective dpdt switches(centre off position)  with the 3 meter ribbon wire.
fix a cavity for holding our mobile on the third motor.
fix wheels to the motors.


we used the geared motors here because they can increase torque.

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