Repeated Program Stopper

Introduction: Repeated Program Stopper

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a .BAT program that can shut down any .EXE program. you can choose to shut a program down just once or you can constantly keep shutting a program down until you exit this program. !!!!( WARNING: THIS PROGRAM IS ABLE TO CRASH COMPUTERS SO BE CAREFUL WHAT .EXE PROGRAM YOU CLOSE) ( I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISS USE OF THIS PROGRAM).!!!!! I created this program because of those annoying applications that you try to uninstall but you can't due to them automatically starting themselves every time you kill them.

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@echo off

color 0a

title Program stopper

echo Created by: godzillaking



echo 1: Kill program once

echo 2: kill program repeatedly

set /p ps=

if %ps% ==1 goto once

if %ps% ==2 goto multi



echo Choose program to stop

set /p kill=Program Name:

taskkill /f /im %kill%.exe /t
ping localhost -n 5 >nul
goto top



echo Choose program to stop

echo to end this program click close

set /p end=Program Name:


taskkill /f /im %end%.exe /t

goto start


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