How to Make Yodare -chan's Free Workbook



Introduction: How to Make Yodare -chan's Free Workbook

you can download the file  and see other version manual (wiki thigniverse)

Step 1: Requirement

requirement for make

paper (anything is ok if it can be able to print )
printable seal sheet (if you have)
scissors ,a cutter, a cutting machine

requirement for play

scissors, a cutter, a cutting machine
paste(in the case that you don't have seal sheet)

Step 2: Check the File

get the yodare-workbook file and check the file yodarenworkbook-seal.pdf and yodareworkbook.pdf

Step 3: Print

print the both files.
check the printer settings (100% is recommended ).

Step 4: Cut Them

clip and cut them.

(recomended::cut along the registration marks.)

how to cut( movie )

Step 5: Choose the Stitch Pattern

you can also do hand stitch. in this case, you should make holes for sewn.

Step 6: Sew Them

clip them before sewing 
and just sew them! 

if you prefer to hand stitch, you should make holes before sewing, so that easy stitching. :)

Step 7: Finish :D


Let's play with them and bending this magazine :P

file download link >>

Step 8: PLAY :D

this workbook has 3 contents.

1 blank page for drawings and memos etc

2 seals

3 changing clothes of yodare-chan

you can cut it and paste it and anything you like as long as you keep the license.

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