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Introduction: Retro Bike Cum Single Speed Racer

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I just happened to be looking in a shed that wasn't mine ( my dad's) and came across Granddad's old Empire Bike.Now it looked a bit of a dunger but I thought with a bit of TLC it could be easily modified into a classic looking race bike= something 'mile a minute murphy' and 'Major Taylor' would be proud of.

Articles required=

Bicycle= this one is from the 50s has 26" wheels with a 3 speed internal rear hub.


crescent and spanners.

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Step 1:

depending when bike was last used, you will need to spray it liberally with rust reducer of your choice.
also if you intend to reuse bike in its original state you will need to keep all the parts.

remove fenders ( mud guards)

carrier ( rack)

anything else such as lights, hand grips, in this case seat pad and as it turned out - seat! ( saddle)

Step 2:

Once bike is all cleaned off you then need remove brakes from handle bar,loosen nut and spin bar upside attach brakes.

You will also probably like to lower height of bar/stem so it gives it a more aerodymanic look.I had trouble geeting mine down as was too rusted up.

if you need any info on how to do this there is bound to be something on the interweb.

pedals with toe clips would be cool

I put on a brookes saddle that i found in another shed.

I cleaned the rust up a bit with a steelo pad ( pot scourer) and a vinegar solution

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