Bead and Sequined Rings

Introduction: Bead and Sequined Rings

Do you like jewelry?
What if you could make beautiful rings, earrings’ and pins for less than 5 dollars?

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Step 1: Materials

1. 1 needle

2. 1 meter of sting, preferably transparent string 
3. About 150 pearled beads

4. 200 sequins

5. 2 bottle caps
 7.glue gun 
* felt,

* optional 

Step 2: How You Start


You grab the string and put it through the needle .Then do a after that you grab a sequin and a bead, after that you grab the needle and on the side that you put the knot you grab your bottle cap and you have to pass the string to the middle of the cap and it should look look like figure 1

The you are going to go back up through the sequin and you are going to
 follow this pattern...

3 beads 1 sequin, 1 sequin 1 bead, 1 sequin 1 bead, 1 sequin 1 bead, 1 sequin 1 bead, 1 sequin 1 bead it should look like figure 2

then you put your needle through the edge like figure 3
You repeat the steps a few times and go all around until you get thisfigure 4

* be careful so that the string does not get tangled 

Step 3:

There are  a few ways to do this step
*This is the first one 
You have to get 32 beads and put them like figure 7
then you go back up like figure 8 and tie  the knot .

*The second way to do this is like figure 9
you grab a second bottle cap and with the glue gun, you put it in after that you put a piece of felt with the glue gun on the back then you follow the exact steps as figures 7andbut instead of doing it one time you do it twice for more resistant.

*The third way you could do this is this on figure 10 
you do the exact same things as figure 9  but you have to cut holes  through the middle and then you add a piece of elastic through those holes and glue them .

Step 4:

 Go back up in the edge and you put a sequin and a bead and start sowing all around the cap 
like figure 5 and figure 6

Step 5:

There is your finished product!!!!!!!!

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