Rivets From Bike Spokes

Introduction: Rivets From Bike Spokes

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these are threaded rivets similar to Corby rivets. I haven't been making wood handles because I haven't found a store that sells rivets for my purposes in my town (they all have leather rivets) so I was tinkering around and came up with these enjoy :-}

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. dremel with cut off wheel
2. bike spokes
that's it! !
(I assume you already know how to take proper safety precautions I'm not responsible if you don't lol)

Step 2: Let's Cut Stuff!

now go ahead and unscrew the nut thingy (if you know what's it's called please tell me) and screw it back on backwards so you have some leverage or you could hold it in some vice grips or what have you (I was lazy) then cut of the squared end of the nut thingy and do this to two nut thingy's

Step 3: Finish Up

now that you butchered your nut things you can screw one on backwards and the other the right way do this while assembling what ever your making and cut off the excess spoke now a few after thoughts:
1.you don't have to use the threaded end of the bar but it preferred
2. if you aren't (or are I guess) using the threaded bit leave a tiny bit of the spoke on both ends of the rivet these you can peen or bend over into the slotted head on each side to lock the rivet
3. if can cut the nut things on an angle I would suggest you do so that way they sort of fit together on the inside of the handle
Now that was super easy wasn't it!
Now if you have any questions or anything you'd like to add feel free :-}

Step 4:



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    It's always cool to find a new use for something. I used a spoke nipple as a firing cap nipple on a modified cap gun. Parts from old bicycle wheels just seem to good to get rid of, don't they.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I have another justification for keeping those old wheels :)

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    I'm the same I keep all my bike parts especially tubes and wheels the always come in handy in odd places like your cap gun that's something I'd never have thought of! thanks for your comment :-}