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Introduction: Roasted Broccoli Recipe

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After I started roasting edamame, I knew I needed to roast more green things because it is SUPER delicious.

I decided to try roasting frozen broccoli because it's something I always have on hand in the freezer. Good news: it works! Better news: this is a great technique for both frozen and fresh broccoli.

This roasted broccoli recipe is easy and fast. If you try it I'm sure it'll become a standard side dish in your house. I sometimes make it just for a snack! Even picky eaters like roasted broccoli! :D

Step 1: Ingredients + Tools

  • fresh or frozen broccoli florets - 10-12 oz will feed two people, so scale up accordingly :D
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • baking sheet
  • parchment paper (optional, but makes clean up easy and avoids tiny burnt broccoli bits)

If you're a big fan of broccoli stalks (I am!) this recipe works great with those as well. Just cut them fairly small (in 1/2 in or less slices or into skinny sticks) and roast away.

This recipe is also great with a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice and parmesan cheese added after they're done roasting, but I tend to eat it immediately without further dressing it.

Step 2: Preheat + Prep

Preheat your oven to 425 F (220 C).

Season the broccoli florets with a good amount of salt and pepper and coat with a bit of olive oil - just enough so they're all a little slick. I do this all on the parchment paper to save a bowl.

Spread them out on the baking sheet - if you have loads of broccoli, you might want to space it out on two baking sheets. Crowding too much broccoli on one sheet will make them steam more than roast, so keep that in mind!

Step 3: Roast and Enjoy!

For fresh broccoli you'll want to roast between 10-15 minutes.

For frozen, I recommend 20-25 minutes.

Using the lesser cooking time, you'll have sweeter, less brown broccoli. Using the longer time will result in darker broccoli, but it could also get a little tough if you take it too far. Keep checking pieces as it cooks to see what you like best.

Make sure to toss the broccoli about halfway through cooking to ensure more pieces get a chance to brown. :D



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    Oh heavens! ... I have confused? ... This is not a forum of French or Spanish cuisine !!!? ... Cooking Broccoli? ... But you are not Americans? ... One day I'll find a broccoli burger in the "Mac-king"! :-D ;-D ... Just kidding, congratulations for good recipe.
    Although not if I will be at your level ... I dare to suggest you a recipe for meatloaf broccoli:
    Mix in a bowl raw, broccoli, (mushrooms) and chicken ... all ... with finely chopped egg, salt and pepper to taste. It must be a sufficiently consistent mixture into balls to make it, oooor ..... burgers !!
    Oven pre-heated to 200 C / 400 F, place on baking paper, half teaspoon oil (Spain oliveoil O.C.) on each one...repositioned at 10 min.... at 15 min. shows a and try it ... if necessary 5 min. over ... and out.

    They are great, accompanied by fried potatoes.
    Sorry I can not say french fries... they are the rivals! ... you understand me!
    Buen provecho desde España.

    I am changing my eating habits, and roasting is my first new flavor additive. looking forward to tonight's dinner.

    I could see using the broccoli stalks thinly sliced and calling them chips.

    I MP

    2 years ago

    Oven roasting is the way to go in my kitchen. I do not restrict it to broccoli, I also oven roast Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus and even green beans. A winter mix of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots oven roast to deliciousness. I roast with olive oil and salt then add fresh ground pepper and shredded Asiago or Romano cheese as a final touch. I let mine roast enough to get a touch of caramelization which adds another flavour dimension.

    This also works well in a cast iron skillet on my grill's side burner. We prefer fresh broccoli with seasoned salt and canola oil.

    1 reply

    Ohhhhh that sounds excellent too. Definitely gonna have to give that a go when I get a grill. :D

    Confused am don't mention the oven temp for how long for us newbies who rarely roast anything. LOL

    1 reply

    It's on step 2! 425 degrees F - 10-15 minutes for fresh broccoli, 20-25 minutes for frozen. :)

    Its amazing what that little bit of carmalization does to the flavor of vegetables. I roast brussels sprouts as well (sometimes with whole cranberries and pecans if its a fancy dinner) and they are transformed from small nasty cabbages to "OMG can-I -please-have-the-recipe".

    Thumbs up!

    This looked so good, but I didn't want to heat up the oven, so I stir fried it with a touch of bacon fat, and let it scorch just a little. Sorry, not veg., but so very tasty!

    Looks delicious. I usually steam broccoli, will have to try this method out!

    This is the only way my teen will eat broccoli

    If you're a big fan of broccoli stalks, then you should definitely get the big bunches of broccoli and shred the stalks and make cole slaw from them. (Shave off the thicker skin) It's much better than cabbage!

    Good one! We tried this last night, and I'm sure it will become a favorite. Along with the lemon juice we added a sprinkle or grated asiago cheese.

    I love broccoli pretty much any way it is prepared, but roasting is probably my favorite. I've never tried it with frozen though, so I'm going to give it a shot next time I'm out of fresh veggies.

    +1 for rjkorn's ideas about the lemon juice and parmesan. I love how broccoli florets soak up flavor.

    I'm also a huge fan of parchment paper. :)

    My wife loves broccoli this way. I make it almost the same way except for a splash of lemon juice.

    Try sprinkling some Parmesan Cheese on top before you roast em. Even the little bits on the sheet will get eaten.....