Robot Egg Cup

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in this instructable i am going to make a robot egg cup .it looks cool and kids love it .

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Step 1: What You Will Need

parts i used :

PVC pipe (pic 2 )

peaces from a meccano set

elastic cord

tools :

small screwdriver

wrench (size that fit the nuts)

hole making tool or drill

hot glue gun


Step 2: The Feeds

i started by marking where to drill the holes , than i drilled the holes a bit smaller than the bold`s i was using.

for the feeds i used metal meccano parts (pic.3)

if the hole is a bit smaller the bold should tread itself .

Step 3: The Grab Machine Arm

the right arm of the robot was inspired by those impossible grab machines .

to start i bolted 3 L peaces on a long bold (pic.1 and 2)

than i added a pen spring to cover the open space between the 2 nuts (pic.3)

at last i added a last L peace and another nut, i bolted it on the PVC pipe in the same way as i did on the feeds

Step 4: The Rocket Launcher Arm

the left arm is inspired by a rocket launcher .

i found a metal tube peace and glued a rubber washer in the inside.

than i made a hole in the PVC and bolted the rocket launcher on the robot

Step 5: Cook the Egg

put some water in a pan and put the pan on a hot stove.

than trow in the egg ,when the water is boiling you wait about 10 min. before the egg is fully boiled

Step 6: The Eye

you can draw an eye on the egg but i decided to take it 1 step further by making an eye that straps around the egg.

i used some elastic cord to rap around the egg .

for the eye i used a wheel from the meccano set ,

i measured how long the cord should be and Stapled the cord together than i glued the cor on the wheel and there you go you have an eye for an egg .

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