Robotic Hand Puppet



Introduction: Robotic Hand Puppet

About: the three 3 s sensable sensational superb

i have made a robotic han with simple materials

Step 1: First

i studied the funtioning of an roboti hand

Step 2: Second

with the help of my parents i bought materials

Step 3: Third

i complied them and made my own robo hand/
that was just like a puppet.

Step 4: Problems

i faces many problems firstly it was made but didnt work.
then i desmantle it and constructed it again.
next it was working but when i dismantel it, it had cracks on it.
i fixed them and the final thing that i wanted was made.

Step 5: Uses

it can be used to pick things that are little bit far.
it can be used to switch of switches.

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