Rock Band Drum Kit (WITHOUT MIDI) :D




Introduction: Rock Band Drum Kit (WITHOUT MIDI) :D

ion idm02, [or any drum kit that uses 1/8 mono triggers,not dual triggers this wont work with dual triggers] turned into rock band drum kit WITHOUT midi, so u dont have to setup everything through a computer everytime u want to play rock band or guitar hero :D

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Step 1: Make Sure You Have 1/8 Mono Triggers

you have to make sure you have 1/8 mono triggers running to your drum pads or this wont work :D
usually drum kits like the ied05, the osp dd-502 m ll. and some yamaha electronic drum kits have single zone pads. just look and make sure it looks like

Step 2: Go Buy a Portable Rock Band Drum Kit

i know it sounds weird but there r benefits to this horrible invention, i bought it thinking it would work great but it is the worst to play on, and then i realized the plugs were the same i had on my cheap electric drum kit i got for like 40 bucks on ebay, and i plugged them in and i think they r just as good as the ion drum rocker mainly because it was so much cheaper to turn my old electronic kit into a rock band kit than to spend 250 dollars on a video game controller [ u could buy and a new xbox for that much!] and to me they feel more responsive than any of the stock drum kits that come with the games like the gh world tour and rock band 2 kit, and because it is more comfortable because they r bigger drum pads and they r fully adjustable :D

Step 3: Unbox the Rock Band Portable Kit

you can throw away everything in the rock band portbale kit for all i care, the only part u need is the module, everything else in there is total garbage! there is a pair of rubber tipped drum sticks, the drum pads which have no response [ not even worth it to cut them open and take the triggers, they suck too] and it comes with a foldable bass pedal which is very uncomfortable if u have bigger feet because it is tiny lol

Step 4: Plug All Ur Drum Pads Into the Corresponding Input Jacks on the Module

plug all of the trigger wires from your drum kit into the corresponding colors on the module, and plug the bass pedal into the top.

Step 5: Adjust the Pads to Your Liking :D

what i did was adjust all of the pads straight across like in the pic because it feels the best for me, but do whatever ur comfortable with.

Step 6: Plug the Module In

plug the module in and test if you have all the pads plugged into the right colors

Step 7: Start Playing! :D

once all of your adjustments are made to ur liking, start playing , u will love how much more responsive they r than the original rock band kit

Step 8: Comment Plzz


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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 8

     nice man good work. i onley have one question: i have the ied05 and i was wondering can you also make it work for rockband withoud having to buy more stuff??

    btw sorry for the bad englisch


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The quality of this guide could be upped, but, wow thanks a ton because I have this drum set and I wanted to know how to do this!!! Thanks!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ur welcome dude, and sry about the quality, i did it in about 15 minutes with a camera phone


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    As said a hundred times around the site - there isn't much difference between a crap ible and a 'featured' ible - just a little extra effort, writing, and detail.