Rodent Toy



Introduction: Rodent Toy

The finished product  =>>>>

Step 1: The Treats the Part They Love

i think my hamster likes apples but i cant tell he just eats everything

Step 2: My Hammy

He is so cute he is called "bouncer"

Step 3: Add Paper and Cut Tube

tissue to seel the tube in THEN YOU ARE DONE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =>



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    I didn't know that you could create instructables on cell phones now.  I mean, look at the writing in this.  It must have been done on a cell phone, right?

    2 replies

    I was attacking your incredibly poor spelling and grammar, while trying to comply with the "be nice" policy, not your pictures.

    Your lack of use of any grammar or spelling rules makes your instructable unreadable.

    This could do with some tidying-up - e.g. the spelling, and some more information - what are the treats, how does Bouncer attack the cup to get at them?