Rolled Paper Flowers




Introduction: Rolled Paper Flowers

Create simple and lovely paper flowers for a unique {and inexpensive!} take on a wedding bouquet, centerpiece, boutineer and more. Using scrapbook paper, a glue gun and some florist wire, you can create these flowers.

Step 1: Supplies

Here's what you'll need:
:: scrapbook paper
:: scissors
:: hot glue gun
:: floral wire

Step 2: Cut Circle

Cut a circle from paper. Starting at the outside edge, cut a spiral towards the center. Slightly scalloping the edges will create a more natural and imperfect looking blossom.

Step 3: Tightly Coil

Beginning from the outside, tightly coil the paper, rolling towards the center.

Step 4: Release Coil

Allow the paper coil to loosen to create a flower.

Step 5: Glue to Secure

Add a bit of hot glue to the end of the coil to secure.

Step 6: Create a Leaf

Cut a leaf shape out of scrapbook paper

Step 7: Fold Leaf

Create an accordion-style fold in the center of the leaf and secure with hot glue.

Step 8: Add Wire

Bend the end of a piece of floral wire and hot glue to the bottom of the flower and glue the bottom of the leaf to cover.

Step 9: Enjoy!

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24 Discussions

Very easy and pretty! Thanks

i'm guessing cutting it from a spiral is why it works better that using strips

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome flower craft!


what size did you cut your circle? these are great, i did this project with little kids at the library i work at and they all came out wonderful, they are fool proof!

Your flowers are awesome! I learned how to make these a few months ago and made about 500 for my daughter's wedding reception! glued them onto the end of wooden skewers full length and cut at various lengths


i dont get how u make that fold

Great detail and easy to follow 'ible! Way to go! I will do this for my wedding. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

All of mine are turning out tiny and I have to glue all throughout. How do I make them look more bloomed like those shown?

1 reply

Allow them to 'uncoil' a bit before gluing to the back piece. Or you could try cutting your circle larger and vary the coil width when cutting. Sorry for the trouble!

the patterns and the colours are just great!!:) love your instructable:)

Awesome! Simple but Stylish! Love It!

What a great idea! They look lovely.

Over the winter I laid sheets of "Bounce" in my little travel trailer - and it left it smelling so nice - I'm going to try this with some Bounce - If I want color, I assume I could spray with some watered down food color - the colors wouldn't be as bright, probably would be more of a pastel or watercolor look. Thanks for the 'ible - I was just thinking of this a day or so ago!