Roofing Conveyor

this is for your consideration for independence contest by Jack Daniels
a roofing escalator that could be turned into a business there are a lot of people that like to do their own roofing
but carrying the 90 pound shingles up a ladder can be difficult and back breaking then you have to do it 48 more times
thats 4410 pounds to carry up a ladder or pay someone to in my case it was $50 to come to my house and a $1 pr bundle
that would make $99 the material I had on hand including 2 old garage door openers and the whole thing didn't cost me a thing
and every one told me its a great idea. thank you for considering it .           peter
If I win I would like to start making the roof conveyor. and come up with new products in a few weeks ill try to finish another
Instructable involving a garage door opener.

Before you start you must read and understand about your power tools. wear safety glasses . the project is powered by 110 volts this voltage can kill or severely injure so take precaution for your safety and others that are around you when you work.
working conveyor video



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